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Some programs will be offered in conjunction with a Recreation Department. For some of these programs all registrations must go through the respective Rec. Dept. – information will be provided in these cases. Sidekick defers to the Recreation Department for their refund policy.


Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get everybody checked in and ready

Players will be grouped in the summer into the best possible fit based on age, gender, and skill level.

Due to staffing and facility costs there is a no refund policy, with the possible exception of a medical problem. If you know of an issue, email us:

WHAT PLAYERS NEED TO DO: Bring a positive attitude. Willingness to listen attentively. Learn from mistakes and do their best.


  • Players MUST wear an athletic shirt

  • Players MUST wear athletic shorts or pants

  • Players MUST wear appropriate shoes

  • Players MUST bring a water bottle

WE BELIEVE that education is paramount. Teaching and learning go together like peanut butter and jelly. We feel that the true development of an individual and team is instilling lessons with long-term effects. We hope that most players will join us for both sessions and believe that those players will benefit the greatest.

Training Format: Players will finish out each training session with a scrimmage after engaging in fun, skill development activities. The exact timing of training activities will depend on the age/skill level of the group but please expect a fast-paced session!

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY & UPDATES: If a training session day is cancelled, you will be given notice from Sidekick Sports Academy directly. We will do our best to give at least 12-hour advance notice. If you do not receive a message, then the SESSION IS ON! Please check for updates, too. Any make-ups will occur through a possible EXTRA hour of training. We will do our best to make up any sessions but can not guarantee it. If a session is cancelled and there is no make-up, there is no refund. (Curse Mother Nature - NOT US!)

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